Oklahoma’s economy is being hurt by low energy prices, which are sending ripples throughout the state. Businesses across Oklahoma are taking steps to get through this rough patch so they can take advantage of opportunities when prices rebound. Oklahoma is in a much better position now than during previous economic downturns, thanks to many hard-fought reforms that make Oklahoma a prime location to locate and expand business. However, those pro-jobs and pro-growth policies are now under attack. Despite the fact that Oklahoma prospered because of economic development programs designed to encourage capital investment and jobs, attempts are being made to eliminate these proven measures.

Bills that shift taxes onto businesses, create unnecessary regulations and increase liability costs have been introduced this year and are making their way through the legislative process. OKJobKillers.com is designed to sound the alarm about these anti-business bills.

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Did we miss a piece of legislation that affects your business or your family? Share your input and your stories about how these issues affect your company, community and familiy. Let us know your thoughts and how we can better alert the public to threats to Oklahoma’s economy.

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