Contact Your Legislators


Legislators want and need to know what their constituents think. Take a stand for Oklahoma's economy and future by reaching out to your legislators. Let them know how these job-killing bills affect your company, your community and your family. 

Find and Contact Your LegislatorsHere's how you can most effectively communicate your concerns to your legislators:

  • Identify yourself (your name and your community).
  • Identify the bill or issue you want to talk about, by name and bill number if possible.
  • Be brief and state your points as clearly as possible.
  • Be respectful; holding public office is both an honor and a sacrifice.
  • Explain how this bill impacts you, your job, your company and/or our state.
  • Back up your points with facts and substance.
  • Ask for your legislators’ position on the bill or issue; if they’re undecided, ask them to get back with you.
  • Be professional and courteous, even if the legislator has an opposing view.
  • Follow up after the vote. Letters or calls to legislators praising their positive actions are powerful. On the other hand, if a vote is contrary to your position, do not hesitate to let him/her know you are disappointed.